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Welcome to a space where you will:

Discover the truth you seek. Remove the mental chaos. Step into your full potential.

Has life:

*Lost a sense of clarity, direction, or purpose*

*Lost the ability to make clear and effective decisions*

*Lost productive personal and/or professional relationships*

*Lost a peace of mind due to anxiety, depression, or irritability*

Ready to take leadership of a life that feels free, powerful and on purpose?

Let’s get started!

Credo: I see you. I get you. I know you. My Job truly is YOU! You are not alone. Allow me to help you see yourself.


With 20 years of human service across a variety of industries, I know intimately the personal and community pressures among these groups. Visit your Industry tab below to see how I serve you, your community and why.

We are living in a world full of noise. We can not operate at full potential if we are not operating from leadership of self.

signature Results ACCELERATOR programs:

In order to lead your best life, or effectively lead relationship with others, you must first become deeply aware of yourself and how you are navigating life thus far. We each have unique life, energy, and thought patterns that effect our work/life/school productivity and outcomes. Unlocking these personal influences, will start the next phase of transforming your life into courage, confidence and conscious leadership of self and others.

Gain the immediate insight and results needed to get your life back on track now.


Signature Energy Assessment

Self awareness is the key to understanding how your life is unfolding. Re-aligning the health of your energy, thought and life patterns is the map to your freedom. Learn more.


Signature Confidence Course

Adults & teens, take your Self-Confidence to the next level with RiTika’s 8 step formula from her book course TAGGED UR IT! Become the Leader of your Own Life. Learn more.

Maintain your Well-being

Restoration is crucial to a healthy, balanced, aligned lifestyle. Choose the modality that works for you.