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When your mind is not at peace, neither is your body or spirit. Your quality of life matters - RiTika Rose “

We are living in a world full of noise. We can not operate at our full potential if we are not operating from authenticity.

Move from mental chaos to mental peace in less than a day.

  • Does life feel stuck, lost, overwhelmed, or chaotic?

  • Are you irritable, angry, anxious or depressed?

  • Unable manage your stress levels or make effective decisions?

  • Struggling with personal or professional relationships?

  • Has life lost it’s passion, purpose, inner peace?

    Ready for immediate results to take lead of your work / life /school experience, relationships and outcomes?

    Choose your industry, accelerated results program, or wellness solution below and let’s get started on healing your mind and life today!

Self-Leadership is the mastery of Self-Awareness and Self-Confidence.

With 20 years of human service across a variety of industries, I know intimately the personal and community pressures amongst these groups. Visit your Industry tab below to see how I serve you, your community and why.

THE Results Accelerated Program!

The Results Accelerated Programs are designed uniquely to fit the lifestyle of a busy, results driven high performer. With a track record of helping my clients lead their transformation in just one to a few sessions, I realized, why not create a program that can (w)RAP it all up in less than a day! Skip the weekly sessions. Take a 1/2 day for yourself to heal, learn and grow. My specialty 1/2 day programs are perfect for individuals and organizations to gain the immediate insight and results needed to get life and outcomes back on track now. But RiTika 1/2 a day is too much time. Not to worry. Choose from other well-being solutions below.


Self - Awareness Accelerator

Self awareness is the key to understanding how your life is unfolding. Re-aligning the health of your thought, energy and life patterns is the map to your freedom. Learn more.


Self - Confidence Accelerator

Adults & teens, take your Self-Confidence to the next level with RiTika’s 8 step formula from her book course TAGGED UR IT! Become the Leader of your Own Life. Learn more.


Speaking + Workshops

Allow your communities to gain the motivation & strategy to reduce mental stress & live a more balanced, healthy, peaceful and purposeful life experience. Learn more.

Maintain your Well-being

Restoration is crucial to a healthy, balanced, aligned lifestyle. Choose the modality that works for you.