Welcome to a space where there is a healing and coaching service for everyone. 

  • Does life feel stuck, lost, confused? 
  • Struggling to live with passion, purpose, inner peace?
  • Seeking inspiration, deeper understanding to illnesses and life circumstances?
  • Ready to let go of your stories, take control of life, create lasting happiness, with increased physical/emotional well- being?

Let's release what's blocking the best version of you. Leading your ultimate life experience starts and ends with you. 


Mission: Your Self Care is Your Health Care.

Therapy 4 your Soul provides integrative health solutions, blending East/West traditions, focused on helping you lead your best life wholistically. Specializing in supporting a deeper discovery of yourself and your life experiences, you will gain effective stress management and self care  techniques to reduce the risk of mind body dis-ease and enhance a positive experience in this gift of life. Life’s daily demands and outside influences can produce undesired inner and outer stresses and deeper questions about life. While we have requirements of family, work, school and social life, we can still remain centered, balanced, and healthy if we give time to love, care, and understand ourselves.

Purpose: Providing a Space for Preventative Care, Higher Learning, Nuturing, Healing and Growth. 

If the mind is not at peace, neither can the body or spirit be at peace. Each  session focuses on 7 key elements of life, while blending inspiration, wisdom an tools from my book. Choose from these integrated healing and coaching services that promote alignment of the mind, body, spirit connection as well positive personal development.

  • Signature Chakra Therapy that helps you gain deeper clarity into your subconscious mindset, patterns, and beliefs pertaining to your current life experiences, so you may move into total health and well-being.
  • Reiki and Meditation Therapies that help you relax and center your mind and body to initiate stress management, healing, and re charge the spirit.
  • Wholistic Life Coaching and Spiritual Life Coaching that help you to gain higher wisdom, insight, and perspective to support positive, productive movement in various areas of life. 
  • DoTerra Essential Oils wellness consultation that supports wholistic physical and emotional health through aromatic, topical or internal use.
  • Speaking engagements to motivate and inspire your communities. 


Vision: Trust your Higher Self. Live Positive, Peaceful, Balanced, and Clear

When we understand the meaning and purpose behind our life's experiences and embrace our part in it, we can begin to feel more grateful, happier, healthier and more in harmony with ourselves and others, resulting in deeper inner peace.  Believing each of us is meant to live a life that we Love, my services support you in maintaining the best authentic version of yourself so you may live passionately, productively, and powerfully. 

Continuing to practice as an Occupational Therapist in rehabilitation medicine for nearly 2 decades, with certifications as a Life Coach, Advanced Reiki Practitioner, Meditation Instruction, and Intuitive Development, I truly ensure your wholistic well-being, by offering a unique blend of expertise in western, eastern, and spiritually conscious philosophy and practice that create a whole mind, body, soul approach in supporting your life's journey.

Manifesto: Reclaim your Excellence!

When we are operating in our best form, we bring our best to others. The return brings the best out in others, resulting in a more positive, peaceful, uplifting life experience that can be shared through human kind. 

Well-being needs are different for everyone. Collaborating with individuals, groups, and teams, we customize a therapeutic experience best suited for your wellness needs. Additional results can include:

  • Removing subconscious blocks                                     
  • Gaining higher perspective and self awareness
  • Development of deeper inner peace
  • Resolving your personal conflicts
  • Enhancing your producivity and creativity
  • Learning effective communication
  • Happier and healthier personal and professional relationships
  • Connecting with yourself and others on a deeper level
  • Feeling at one with your spiritual self
  • Increasing your clarity and concentration

Who I Serve: