Before I found RiTika, I’d had years of traditional therapy, but I felt that there was a part of me that I just couldn’t access. I believe RiTika is unique because she brings the scientific, psychological background of therapy and fuses it with a spiritual wisdom. I feel that her approach is holistic and practical and it has helped me heal on a deep level. She has a unique ability to quickly understand and identify issues which means the healing process has gone a lot more quickly than what I’ve experienced with other therapists. RiTika is someone I highly recommend for this area in particular, where our lives move at such a rapid pace. She understands the demands and the sometimes negative ramifications of working in tech. I’m so grateful to have found her.
— Alex - Tech Industry
Living in the bay area with a lot of high stress jobs and responsibilities - this gift of clearing and reset I believe is super vital for everyone to be able to function at their highest.
I highly highly recommend seeing her - whether you’re working through some life transition or feeling like you need something to change - she can support your intentions and help you manifest the truth you seek.
— Michelle, Tech Industry
Ritika provides excellent feedback, direction, and help to feel grounded while moving in a fast paced environment. Highly recommend her. Excellent ability to get straight to the matter. There is confirmation along the way that is spot on!! What a gift.
— Robin, Tech Industry
I’ve made more progress with Ritika than any other therapist and faster progress too! I look forward every week to the comfort, relief and peace I know I will have after each session. Ritika truly cares for her clients. She makes a positive contribution to the world and to all those she comes in contact with.
— S.J., School Teacher
RiTika is an amazing coach and I was able to apply the leanings to my life right away.
It really fit for me and my identity as a young Black woman. It help me dive into how I interact with the rest of the world. And give me an outside objective view of what a good balance could look like.
In the end I walked away with stronger, more confident responses for the people and situations in my life right now. And a blue print for how to communicate and be heard.
— Camille, Student
It is rare to encounter a purveyor of truth whose message speaks to the spiritual evolution happening within the ‘social media generation’. Tika uses her intuitive gifts to empower those seeking the wisdom, sense of purpose, and healing needed for their soul’s journey. I am grateful for the sage counsel that she provided at a dark season in my life. She is a true lightworker!
— R.T., Law Enforcement Officer
I love RiTika Rose and my life has changed for the better because of her. In just one conversation, she was able to not only get to the root of my problem but gave strategic, actionable steps to improve the situation. She is truly a blessing and your life will be forever touched once you allow this miracle worker into your life.
— Carla, Entrepreneur
I had been dealing with a lot of emotional pain over the last many years and had been trying multiple modalities, including medication and psychotherapy.
Shortly after 1-2 sessions with Ritika the pain became substantially less and eventually gone. I feel at peace, more balanced, and overall happier.
I highly recommend Ritika.
I do not need to seek counseling anymore and feel I’m on the path to my Life’s purpose.
— S.S., Physician
I’m so grateful that Ritika came into my life! I had been carrying an emotional burden for months, unable to resolve the conflict or let go. In one conversation, Ritika listened to my story, drilled down to the core of my problem, and identified what I needed to do to relieve my pain. She kept me accountable and stayed in touch to make sure I was able to take action and had support while I did. I’m happy to say I no longer feel like I’m carrying an invisible boulder on my shoulders! Thank you, Ritika!
— Katie, Ballroom Dancer
Ritika Rose has a demeanor, and a loving healing hands that does some magic. She is very warm and pleasant to talk to. I heard her on the radio about her book, “Tagged UR IT”, and I instantly felt the need to see her to discuss my journey of healing the physical and emotional pain I was going through.
— Sangeeta S.
Ritika has really helped me with my social anxiety. She gives amazing advice on how to deal with it and keep moving forward and speaking my truth. I love it!
— Nilo, Health Industry
RiTika brought my mom out of a 5 years depression in 60 minutes! I am so grateful!
— S.F.C., Loving Daughter
I definitely have to attribute the success of the shoot to you!
— Jasmine, Designer
WOW! I just had an amazing Chakra Therapy session with Ritika Rose. This woman is so gifted! I love her work - real, practical guidance in any area of your life!
— Melissa, Recording Artist
Every time I work with you I walk away with new peace, clarity, and understanding. Amazing!
— S.C., Financial advisor
Tika’s healing session left me relaxed, grounded, and connected to my higher purpose. With her gift of channeling messages, she gave me insight into how I can operate at my full potential spiritually, creatively, and emotionally. I am grateful for her gifts as a healer and a messenger!
— Will, Guitar/Sitar Musician
You were like fresh air to my soul.
— - E.B., Wife and Mom
I had a coaching and a reading by RiTika. After the reading, I felt immense peace and resolution. Her reading was spot on to what was going on in my life. I noticed that some of her reading was involving facts that I had never even told her. I was surprised as to how accurate she was. I cannot explain it, but in my body, I felt her words resonate with what was going on so deeply that I had one of the best nights of sleep that day. Her reading gave me so much solitude and peace. I also pursued coaching session with her. Her advice also helped pave the way for a happier and more clear future. I highly recommend her to anyone and I think she has an incredible gift. She not only has the grounding energy to offer solid advice, but also the spiritual connection to guide you through difficult areas that you may not see on your own. Additionally she truly cares about her clients and will spend the extra time and effort. I am someone that has spent the last 5 years exploring coaching and energy work.
— S.B., Physician
Ritika’s healing touch is nothing short of sheer magic. She assessed the energy levels of my seven chakras during a full body scan, and then took the time to explain what each chakra symbolizes and how certain blocks manifested in the first place that were rooted in physical, mental, or spiritual areas of my life. We ended with a heart to heart conversation where she gave me a sense of clarity and renewed hope. She truly cares about those she works with, and that’s evident in the time she spends with you, the thorough analysis she does, and the corroborations she provides based on her findings to leave you feeling empowered. I am so grateful and blessed to have you in my life, Ritika!
— K.C.G., Entrepreneur
After the Reiki treatment, I felt like I just had a 6 hour massage, and the amazing results lasted for weeks. My outlook on life has improved drastically and I owe it all to you!
— Zoreh, Working Mom/Grandmom
I left my session feeling relaxed, calm and validated. During my session Tika pinpointed areas in my life where I struggle-which blew me away because I had not shared with her any of this information. She was able to reassure me that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be in my life. The session was very relaxing and much needed. It gave me a indescribable sense of peace to know that I’m on the right track in my life.
— Angelica, Mother/Wife/Sales Global Logistics Consultant
I could not imagine my life without your presence, your love, your laughter, your joy. You have touched my life with love and wonder-wonder about what glorious possibilities exist...
— Joy, M.F.T
I visited Tika for post-partum recovery and a knee injury. It was a relaxing experience with moments of full body energy. Not only did the treatment aide in my recovery, but Tika was also able to provide me feedback on some of my life events that she picked up during the treatment. I’ve never tried Reiki before but now I’m fascinated in it’s healing abilities of both the body and the mind. Thanks Tika!
— Shannon, Financial Advisor
Tika offers a combination of deep spirituality and accuracy to her readings. She called me with very precise details on my situation that I hadn’t told anyone. I was speechless.
— S. Thince, Administration
I became interested in Reiki during a difficult time in my life when I was experiencing rebound headaches. Reiki was something that I heard about from a friend that could help me during my recovery in addition to my medications. When the session with Tika began, I felt relaxed almost instantly, which amazed me as I hadn’t fully relaxed in weeks because of my pain. Also I had absolutely no thoughts of my recent headache pain which was all I was thinking about for weeks. The pain from my headaches have drastically decreased and I find I can live my life again. I was impressed at Tika’s ability to pick up on my energies inside me. The reading at the end of the session was insightful. Reiki is something I now believe can benefit almost anyone who is experiencing pain and/or stress in their lives. I personally will not hesitate to contact Tika for another session if I’m ever in pain or want to become more in touch with myself.
— Wade, Occupational Therapist
During a difficult family situation, Tika’s readings helped me make the right decision to help me. She gave me an accurate time frame and approach so it would work out for the best. Her reading was the most important part of helping resolve my conflict.
— Sonya, Housewife
RiTika has been seeing me for rehab of my Right shoulder.. She is great! Very professional, well prepared when she visits. She individualized a plan of care for me specifically to get me back to full ROM after a Right tenotomy performed at St John’s. 
..the one thing that really stands out for me is her genuine, kind and caring manner, and genuine interest in reaching the goals she set for me. I have improved 100%.. and am very pleased with the results.
— Lea, Registered Nurse
Love your book. I could resonate so many scenarios in your book to myself. Information about souls journey in bitter relationships is eye opener.
— Ashwini k.