Corporate and Community Wellness Events

Successful and Fulfilled Digital Summit

Location: Virtual Summit

RiTika will be speaking on her topic “Integrating your Truth for Total Life Fulfillment”

Spiritual. But Not Religious. Tools to get you through the Holidays and Life

Location: Congregational Church of Sunnyvale

RiTika will be teaching a 6 week course based on the life skills presented in her book T.A.G.G.E.D. /U.R. /IT! Become the Leader of Your Own Life

Uplift Family Services

Location: Uplift Family Services Campus

Staff Wellness Appreciation

Day 1:  RiTika will provide Wellness presentations, Group reflection, Group Meditation x 3

Day 2: RiTika will provide Reiki Energy Healing and Life Coaching


Location: Google - Silicon Valley

Wellness presentation and education on Integrative Healing / Coaching services for Google employees.

School Linked Services

Location: Santa Clara County School District meeting space

Wellness presentation to the County School Coordinators

Monthly Healing Service: Congregational Church Sunnyvale

Location: Congregational Church Sunnyvale

RiTika provides a well - being service for the members of CCS once a month

Intra Health Wellness Faire

Location: Intra Health

RiTika will provide wellness sessions of Reiki and Energy Coaching with a variety of other integrative healing practitioners onsite.

Intra Health Wellness Presentation

Location: Intra Health

RiTika will be speaking to the staff of a Physcial therapy / Chiro clinic on how Energy patterns manifest into physical ailments that are currently treated by the Physical therapists and Chiropractors

Live Lotus Yoga Studio

Location: Live Lotus Yoga, San Jose

RiTika will be leading the Higher Learning participants into her Chakra Meditation and sacred discussion group.

Women's Group

Location: West Hollywood, CA

RiTika will be leading a private group of women into her Chakra Meditation and journaling exercise, allowing for release of unserving energy and stress, while inspiring each women's true potential.

Spiritual Coaching Support Group

Location: Pacific Palisades, CA

RiTika is providing Spiritual Life Coaching to a private group, supporting them to overcome grief and loss from a Soul centered perspective. 

JNL Productions: Film/Photo shoot

Los Angeles

RiTika will be providing wellness support and guidance services to support the talent and crew during the shoot, to aide in relaxation, balance and overall well being during the project.

Creative Professionals, please contact RiTika to inquire how she can be of service to your project.

Fox Street Films: Grammy Awards Film Project

Location: Grammy Awards

Ritika has been asked to bring wellness support to the filming crew on a documentary film project, based on a Grammy nominated artist.

UFC Sunnyvale

Reiki wellness support for the members of UFC gym.

Revelation Conference: Wellbeing Oasis

Location: Marriot Hotel LAX

RiTika will be providing Reiki and Chakra Therapy during the Revelations Conference of Agape International Spiritual Center.  Relax, heal,  rejoice in your  beauty.

RiTika is a member of the well - being ministry of Agape International Spiritual Center

Vintage Westwood Assisted Living Facility

Ritika will be speaking to the residents and their caregivers on the benefits of Occupational Therapy to improve overall strength and endurance  for functional and purposeful daily activities and tasks.

House of Blues

Location: House of Blues Sunset Strip

Foundation Room Member Appreciation Events  

Wellness specialties provided by RiTika Rose

Olympia Medical Center

RiTika will be speaking on the benefits of Integrative healing practices to compliment and aide in recovery and healing of physical and emotional ailments .