Thank you RiTika for opening up our team and guiding us towards personal awareness of our areas of development. I know for me, your gift of energy and encouragement—delivered by the softness and kindness of your constructive words—helped me un-lock and begin the un-blocking of some stuck areas in my life. You were just a joy to work with and my team and I are very appreciative of your level of professionalism and assistance. Gratitude!
— Smike Wallen Real Estate

During my management career, I was leading teams, productivity, financials and day to day strategy and care of 30 direct reports, over 100 patients, 7 inter - disciplinary meetings a day, while being the company liaison. Ironically while doing so, I was also managing a number of stress related illnesses through my 20 years experience in Rehabilitation Medicine. Through my own inner work journey, I learned key strategies to help me stay grounded, healthy and peace while still producing favored outcomes.


Corporate Wellness + Leadership


Corporate Professionals: Sign up for individual sessions off location

Corporate Teams:

In today's workforce we are working harder and faster, sometimes forgetting the importance of giving to ourselves and others in order to maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle. You and your team are amazing! Pushing through and doing your best to meet goals, expectations and deadlines.        

Would you like to see your talented team feel more relaxed, self-aware, and ultimately productive? Would you like to see them feeling happy, energetic and ready for the day? How would you like to see improved customer + human relations and the overall success of your company or project? Choose from one of the services below or customize a program best suited for your team. 

  • SELF LEADERSHIP WORKSHOP (Based on insight from RiTika's Best Selling Book)

  • REIKI or MEDITATION WELLNESS DAY (Individual or Group Session)

  • INDIVIDUAL LIFE STRATEGY/COACHING (Support for Personal Life Challenges)


  • Reduces physical and emotional stress

  • Increases productivity + work/life balance

  • Improves team relations and team-building; boosts morale

  • Improves customer relations

  • Promotes personal and professional growth

  • Increases communication and conflict resolution

  • Strengthens self-confidence & self-awareness

  • Enhances creativity


  • Rate discussed during consultation.