Silicon Valley Life Coach

Hi! I’m RiTika Rose.

I understand the pressure cooker lifestyle of survival and leadership while trying to maintain a personal and social life.

Before opening my Life Coaching and Healing Practice, my career encompassed the high paced, high stress, high level management as a Rehabilitation Program Director. I am a double major graduate of Occupational Therapy & Psychology. I took up small film projects on the side, to appease my passion for the arts, and overcame years of bullying as a child, teen and young adult.

During my management career, I was leading teams, productivity, financials and day to day strategy and care of 30 direct reports, over 100 patients, 7 inter - disciplinary meetings a day, while being the company liaison. Ironically while doing so, I was also managing a number of stress related illnesses through my 20 years experience in Rehabilitation Medicine.

Finally coming to a place personally and understanding intimately the importance of taking care of oneself, I sought out self care services through Eastern Energy philosophy, as well as, in depth Spiritual and Life Coaching.

My Mission became: "Your Self Care is Your Health Care and Through Self Awareness comes Self Healing" - RiTika Rose

I Healed my Mind and Healed my Life so drastically, that I was called to learn, train and educate myself in various healing modalities, so I may provide the same level of healing, joy, and inner peace to you.

I’ve studied with world renowned Thought Leaders such as Stedman Graham, Michael Bernard Beckwith and Marianne Williamson. I am certified and trained as a Life Coach, in Reiki Energy Therapy, and Meditation Therapy.

The more clients I treated, my gift became more clear in my ability to identify the subconscious energy patterns that are affecting your current life experience.

I published my first book T.A.G.G.E.D. / U.R. / IT! Become the Leader of your Own Life based on the 8 life mastery skills I learned to incorporate into my life to promote a life of true peace, joy and fulfillment, which I now teach, speak and lead workshops on.

“My life consists of constant stimulus and ingesting new information all day long from my job … Living in the bay area with a lot of high stress jobs and responsibilities…

It is important to have someone who understands you, hears you, and who can guide and support you through chaotic life challenges. I look forward to being that person for you.

…I highly highly recommend seeing RiTika- whether you're working through some life transition or feeling like you need something to change - she can support your intentions and help you manifest the truth you seek.” - Michelle, Apple

I see you. I get you. I know you. My Job Truly is YOU!

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Everyone is meant to live a life that is full, loving, and peaceful. No soul should feel pain, though our human experience can jade us. I often tell people, there isn't one life event I haven't experienced personally or through a loved one. I have been through the dark and light parts of life, not regretting any event or circumstance. I believe I was led to these experiences to have an understanding for those I will be serving so I may know, connect, and support you on a deeper level.

Born into a Hindu East Indian family, being educated in Catholic school, and having experienced extensive travel, education, and various life encounters, I have discovered the beauty of the world's offerings through different cultures, beliefs, and traditions. I have understood and accepted people of all faiths and lifestyles without judgment. We are all united as one. I have been praised on how I truly see "God in each person."

Through my journey of self-discovery and gaining higher consciousness, I have been blessed with the beautiful gift of divine connection with a clear calling to help and heal others, so we may create an authentic, happy, whole life of love, peace, and joy together. 

In my spare time, I enjoy travel, all forms of art and entertainment, spending time in the energy of water, nature, the sun or moonlight, and joyful intimate times with friends, family, and people! Staying spiritually connected is a constant for me. It keeps me grounded, balanced, and at peace.

With Gratitude, Peace, and Blessings,

RiTika Rose

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