I have spent years in traditional therapy with little success. In just a few months with RiTika my whole life has changed
— Stacey - Teacher/Wife/Mom

We are living in a world full of noise. We can not operate at our full potential if we are not operating from leadership of self.

You have everything you need to live a productive, purposeful, peaceful life. You are just missing the effective life strategies to move through the excessive mental stimuli to achieve your personal and professional goals, live your best quality of life and access mental peace.

RiTika offers a unique, intuitive and practical approach to her mentoring. She has a keen ability to get to the root of the challenge in just one session. RiTika’s practice offers you her years of blended professional experience in western and eastern medicine, energy and spiritual psychology, as well as mindful living.

RiTika has a gift of knowing and knowing what’s the next step for you to overcome your current, “I am stuck and don’t know what to do”, life challenge.

RiTika believes our thoughts start the process of various illnesses and has treated many stress related physical and emotional dis-eases over the years. Whether you are anxious, depressed, frustrated or confused, it starts with your thoughts whether conscious or sub-conscious.

Until you bring these thoughts up to your awareness, they will stay as pent up energy until it shows up as a physical or emotional breakdown. We are our thoughts. We are the energy we keep.

Don’t let the mental chaos take over your life. Get the breakthrough strategies before having the breakdown. Gain the clarity, confidence and direction to take back control of your mind and become the leader of your own life!

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