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Amazon International Best Selling Author: T.A.G.G.E.D. / U.R. IT! Become the Leader of Your Own Life

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Integrative Health and Life Coaching: Your Mental Health is my Priority.

Did you know we all have sub-conscious energy patterns that have a direct effect on our life experience?

  • Does life feel stuck, lost, overwhelmed, or chaotic?

  • Are you irritable, angry, anxious or depressed?

  • Looking for immediate results to manage your stress levels?

  • Struggling with your self-confidence and making effective decisions?

  • Has your physical health taken a toll?

  • Has life lost it’s passion, purpose, inner peace?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your energy levels are more than likely out of balance or alignment. And your professional, personal or social life is being effected.

Discover your Truth. Re-define Your Life.

Just as open arteries are essential to a healthy heart, so are open energy pathways for a healthy mind and life.

I blend the insight from my Best - Selling book with nearly 20 years experience in Western Rehabilitation Medicine plus my Eastern Energy Medicine and Life Coaching practice, to bring a truly wholistic approach to your physical and emotional well-being.


Individuals: Executives, Creative Artists, Parents/Teens

Are you committed to deeply understand and transform your current life circumstance? Specializing in supporting a deeper discovery of yourself and your life experiences, you will gain effective stress management and self care techniques to reduce the risk of mind body dis-ease, increase your self-confidence, boost your performance, and optimize your life experience.

Organizations: Corporations, School Programs, Healthcare Providers, Entertainment Sectors, Summits, Conferences

Are you committed to effective work/life balance for your communities through wisdom talks, transformational workshops, and self -care services? Life’s daily demands and outside influences can produce undesired inner and outer stress and deeper questions about life. While we have requirements of family, work, school and social life, we can still remain centered, balanced, and healthy if we give time to love, care, and understand ourselves.


All in One Preventative Care & Life Strategy for your Personalized Path to Work/Life Balance & Inner Peace

Focusing on 7 key areas of life alignment and my 8 step personal development strategy from my book, I create a total life fulfillment approach in supporting your life's journey through individual or group services. Take your self-awareness and self-confidence to the next level!


Live Positive, Peaceful, Balanced, and Clear

If the mind is not at peace, neither can the body or spirit be at peace. When we understand the meaning and purpose behind our life's experiences and embrace our part in it, we can begin to feel more grateful, happier, healthier and more in harmony with ourselves and others, resulting in deeper inner peace.  Believing each of us is meant to live a life that we Love, my services support you in reducing stress, anxiety and maintaining the best authentic version of yourself so you may:

  • Remove subconscious blocks

  • Gain higher perspective and self awareness

  • Develop deeper inner peace

  • Resolve your personal conflicts

  • Enhance your producivity and creativity

  • Learn effective communication

  • Gain happier and healthier personal and professional relationships

  • Connect with yourself and others on a deeper level

  • Feel at one with your spiritual self

  • Increase your clarity and concentration


I see you. I get you. I know you. You are not alone. My job Truly is You! Allow me to help you see yourself.

When we are operating in our best form, we bring our best to others. The return brings the best out in others, resulting in a more positive, peaceful, uplifting life experience that can be shared through human kind.