Life Coaching/Strategy

Ritika is a deeply caring individual who helped me take the right actions and find a path in what seemed to be my chaotic life. She listens well and helped me to come to the most empowering solution to take action.
— L. Pearson, Author/Entrepreneur

Wholistic Life Coaching


Feeling stuck? Unable to move forward from grief, sorrow, confusion or fatigue? You are not alone. Seeking support is a powerful step!

Focusing on whole life balance, of the mind, body, spirit connection individually and as a whole, imagine what life has in store when obstacles are overcome, your peace of mind is secure, and transformation makes way for changes for the better.

As your coach, you can be certain that I am an active listener, am open-minded, and provide an intuitive approach to your life's desires. I will create a specialized program tailored to your needs based on our initial consultation. We will strive to achieve your goals together!

To get started, our first session will be in person. All following sessions can be over the phone, through video conference, or in person as agreed upon by both of us. Bonus - we can customize your session with other services to be incorporated for added peace of mind strategies.


Coaching guides you to bring out what you do not see for yourself and decide on the necessary steps to reach your goals with conviction and certainty. As a coach, I remain unbiased and objective while holding you accountable to benchmarks we set along the way. Through our work, you're sure to feel increased clarity, energy, and contentment. 


  • 60min. session - $180

  • 90 min. session - $240

  • Personalized Path to Peace programs to be discussed at end of assessment session

*Ritika Rose is a certified Life Coach by the Life Coach Institute of Orange County.

You do shine like Jesus Tika! What a gift you are.
— J.P., Elementary School Teacher



The most beautiful gift is knowing that Higher Power is always with us, supporting  and guiding us on our path. It brings me much joy to be a channel of divine consciousness for you.

"Prayer is when you talk to God. Meditation is when you listen to God." 

Experience the healing of divine messages for you! Choose from traditional spiritual life coaching or meta-physical spiritual life coaching (through a series of intuitive methods that reflect your current life story). A deep joy and inner peace comes from knowing the unconditional love of our divine guides. The results immediately increases your understanding of your current circumstance and path through the guidance from above. Gain clarity, peace, sense, and purpose of your situation.


  • 60 min. traditional coaching session  - $180

  • 60 (+) min. meta-physical coaching session - $240

  • Personalized Path to Peace programs to be discussed at end of assessment session

*I am Certified in Intuitive Development