I had Ritika do her chakra body scan on me and the results (in one session) were as accurate and congruent with what I have been getting with my therapist, who I have worked with for years. I look forward to doing more work with Ritika.
— J.E., Dentist



We have seven main "life force energy" fields, called chakras that are directly affiliated to 7 key areas of life.  These energy centers are meant to be open and flowing. Just as blood flow is to the heart beat, energy is the flow to the beat of life. When these chakra energy centers are stuck or blocked, life becomes imbalanced and creates a variety of physical, emotional, or spiritual stressors and ailments.

Through light healing touch, relax your mind and body with reiki, while I complete a thorough assessment of the health of your seven main chakra energy centers. I evaluate the levels of energy held in each chakra, which identifies the areas of your current life that are not functioning at their highest potential, and address each aspect head on.

Gain deeper clarity into subconscious energy patterns, beliefs, and life experiences. The results provide immediate "Aha!" moments surrounding different aspects of your current life situation. You will leave the session knowing exactly what areas of life need extra support and attention so you can effectively move forward being more in tune and in flow with your life.

The chakras and their locations are as follows: the root chakra (base of spine), sacral chakra (slightly below the naval), solar plexus chakra (slightly above the naval), heart chakra (center of chest), throat chakra (throat), third eye chakra(forehead), and crown chakra (top of the head). 


  • Gain access to conscious wisdom and deeper understanding of mind/body stressors

  • Faster and greater ability to heal your physical and emotional ailments

  • Become in tune with yourself, transform your life experiences

  • Gain increased awareness of your current life circumstances

  • Enhance performance, creativity, and productivity

  • Enjoy healthy personal and professional relationships

  • Create balanced and grounded energy

*This session provides you with a personal evaluation, energy diagnosis, and suggested treatment plan.


  • 90 min. session - $275

  • Personalized Path to Peace programs to be discussed at end of assessment session

“I was in a lot pain for years and was taking a lot of pills. After my reiki session with Ritika, I am taking half the pain medication. I wish to have her hands all my life. I feel the energy comes to Ritika to heal people; not everyone has hands like her.”
— C. Jimenez, Arthritis Patient



Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of body work focused on self healing. Aligning with the principle that is the body is self healing by nature, Reiki acts in partnership with the body and mind to aide the healing process. Experience deep relaxation and healing touch while Reiki, which means "divine life force energy," moves through your body.

Scientific research has validated Reiki's positive outcomes in recovery of surgery, pain, medical conditions and overall physical and mental well-being. Reiki is becoming widely accepted within the medical and psychological communities as an alternative and complimentary method of stress and pain management. 

During the session I am able scan the health of your 7 key energy centers unlocking transformative information into your current life circumstance, essential knowledge for your healing process. Please see my signature energy therapy session for more details. *You may choose to have this information shared and discussed at the end of the session, or you may choose to only receive Reiki


  • Reduces stress

  • Aides in eliminating emotional distress, sorrow, and grief

  • Enhances sleep

  • Enhances creative energy

  • Reduces pain

  • Provides support for spiritual and energetic healing


  • 50 min reiki only - $100

  • Personalized Path to Peace programs to be discussed at end of assessment session

 Ritika is a certified advanced Reiki practitioner trained in the Usui System of Natural Healing by direct lineage to Dr. Mikao Usui, the original grand master of reiki.

Tika’s meditation helped me take the negative place I was in and turn it into a positive to help release my worries and fears.
— Dani T.



Whether you're a beginner to meditation or need a little extra support to guide you through your practice, I offer personal, one-on-one sessions to help you achieve a clear mind, resulting in a feeling of relaxation, inner calm, connection to your higher self and inner truth, while promoting mindful present awareness. Meditation allows for a wonder of experiences. After your customized meditation session, I offer coaching support and guidance, providing valuable insight of your personal meditation experience and current life circumstance. See group wellness programs for group meditation sessions.


  • Allows you to release your racing thoughts and gain access to present awareness

  • Helps you maintain a healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual balance

  • Reduces anxiety, stress, tension, and blood pressure

  • Increases serotonin levels reducing depression, headaches, and insomnia

  • Heightens consciousness, intuition, connection to your higher self and  source


  • 60 min. session - $150 

  • Personalized Path to Peace programs to be discussed at end of assessment session