I had Ritika do her energy body scan on me and the results (in one session) were as accurate and congruent with what I have been getting with my therapist, who I have worked with for years.
— Jon, Dentist

Signature Energy Therapy


Did you know we all have sub-conscious energy patterns that have a direct effect on our life experience?

  • Does life feel stuck, lost, overwhelmed, or chaotic?

  • Are you irritable, angry, anxious or depressed?

  • Looking for immediate results to manage your stress levels?

  • Struggling with your self-confidence and making effective decisions?

  • Has your physical health taken a toll?

  • Has life lost it’s passion, purpose, inner peace?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your energy levels are more than likely out of balance or alignment. And your professional, personal or social life is being effected.

In this 1/2 day program you will - Discover your Truth & Re-define Your Life.

About the program:

We have seven main "life force energy" fields, called chakras that are directly affiliated to 7 key areas of life. These energy centers are meant to be open and flowing. Just as open arteries are essential to a healthy heart, so are open energy pathways for a healthy mind and life. When these chakra energy centers are stuck or blocked, life becomes imbalanced and creates a variety of physical, emotional, or spiritual stressors that effect our overall quality of life.

Through light healing touch, relax your mind and body with reiki, while I complete a thorough assessment of the health of your seven main chakra energy centers. I evaluate the levels of energy held in each chakra, which identifies the areas of your current life that are not functioning at their highest potential, and address each aspect head on.

Gain deeper clarity into subconscious energy patterns, beliefs, and life experiences. The results provide immediate discovery and awareness surrounding your current life situation. We will deep dive into your current life challenges and implement the best suited strategies so you can leave the session and effectively move forward being more in tune and in flow with your life.


  • Receive the same results in one day as you would in months of therapy

  • Gain access to conscious wisdom and deeper understanding of mind/body stressors

  • Faster and greater ability to heal your physical and emotional ailments

  • Become in tune with yourself, transform your life experiences

  • Gain increased awareness of your current life circumstances

  • Enhance performance, creativity, and productivity

  • Enjoy healthy personal and professional relationships

  • Create balanced and grounded energy