It’s taken my self-awareness and ability to deal with situations to a higher level. I have more confidence in myself and in my ability to deal with the challenges in my life.
— Lina, book program student



Through my own personal journey and path to inner peace, I have studied with world renowned healers, coaches and mentors. I have gained and implemented insight, wisdom, and knowledge that I share within my coaching practice and my book. I have made it my mission to help people embrace their truth and stay conscious of their authentic selves.

About the program:

Self-confidence allows you to stand in your personal power, make clear/effective decisions, and take control of your life in a way that feels positive, aligned and purposeful to you with reduced mental anguish.

The T.A.G.G.E.D. U.R. IT Book program, is a 1/2 day program created from RiTika’s best-selling book. This hand book on life hit #1 in trans-personal psychology, psychology & education, and movements on Amazon.

The program takes you on a journey of 8 life mastery skills that will help you step into your power and Become the Leader of your Own Life. Inspiring, real, insightful and therapeutic the pages help you discover deeper awareness, understanding, and relationship with yourself and others. Start to live a life that is full, joyful, on purpose, and with peace. Give yourself permission to live life through your authentic self. These steps can be used in your personal, professional and social life.


  • “This is a grand opening to a whole new world for me and my truest possibilities”

  • “For 10 years no one understood me until now”

  • “My relationship with my husband is back on track”

  • “This is the first time I can talk about this without someone judging me”

  • “I understand my mother and father more and our relationship is stronger”

  • “This class has helped me to validate where I am in life and that I have surpassed a lot”

  • “I am so thankful for RiTika’s gifts”

  • “Working with you in this class has physically and emotionally changed me”

  • “I feel full”

  • “I’m feeling energized”

Choose: 1/2 Day program or 8 week course for you individually or in a group of 4: (book is included)