My soul’s belief and God’s message for my mission is living through truth and love.
— RiTika Rose

Having double majored in Occupational Therapy and Psychology, I have practiced in the medical field as a Rehab Program Manager and Licensed Occupational Therapist for nearly 2 decades. I focus on the strength and balance of the body and mind to create the optimum physical and emotional life for each client. These years of experience have given me vast knowledge, deep understanding, and a connection to the beauty and diversity of people. My job truly is YOU!

I started RCM Therapy in 2007, taking on private OT clients. I have now incorporated Therapy 4 Your Soul, my personal brand, study, and practice of eastern and new age methods into my healing repertoire.  Through my years of medical practice, a profound spiritual awakening, deep study and growth in personal and spiritual development, I bring my experiences and skill to a fully "wholistic" approach in serving you. Working within the healthcare systems and intermittently within the entertainment industry, I carry a high value for privacy. Respecting you and your process, confidentiality is paramount.

My extended studies include my Certifications as a Life Coach, Advanced Reiki Practitioner, and  Meditation Instruction. I  have also studied under some of the top new thought and transformation leaders in order to be my best and bring my best to you. Pictured below: Michael Bernard Beckwith (Life Visioning; The Secret; Agape International Spiritual Center); Marianne Williamson (A Course in Miracles); Stedman Graham (Success Coaching); Panache Desai (Soul Coaching); Susie Morter (Energy Coaching); Doreen Virtue (Angel Therapy -picture not available). I am certified in Rev. Michael Beckwith's Life Visioning and Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy courses. 

Everyone is meant to live a life that is full, loving, and peaceful. No soul should feel pain, though our human experience can jade us. I often tell people, there isn't one life event I haven't experienced personally or through a loved one. I have been through the dark and light parts of life, not regretting any event or circumstance. I believe I was led to these experiences to have an understanding for those I will be serving so I may know, connect, and support you on a deeper level. I see you. I understand you. I get you.

Born into a Hindu East Indian family, being educated in Catholic school, and having experienced extensive travel, education, and various life encounters, I have discovered the beauty of the world's offerings through different cultures, beliefs, and traditions. I have understood and accepted people all faiths and lifestyles without judgment. We are all united as one. I have been praised on how I truly see "God in each person."

Through my journey of self-discovery and gaining higher consciousness, I have been blessed with the beautiful gift of divine connection with a clear calling to help and heal others, through God's grace so we may create an authentic, happy, whole life of love, peace, and joy together. 

In my spare time, I enjoy travel, all forms of art and entertainment, spending time in the energy of water, nature, the sun or moonlight; dancing, dining, sporting events, and joyful intimate times with friends, family, and people! Staying spiritually connected is a constant for me. It keeps me grounded, balanced, and at peace.

With Gratitude, Peace, and Blessings,

RiTika Rose